CUSTOMgo entrance control from tecXellent

Worldwide so many retailers are faced with the problem of controlling and enforcing the 1.5-meter distance in their stores, which is dependent on how many customers are in store. 


The solution is CUSTOMgo – a product of tecXellent GmbH from Nieder-Olm in Rhineland-Palatinate! The CUSTOMgo access management system is particularly suitable for all retail stores up to medium size. With this newly developed Plug & Play traffic light system, the customer flow can be controlled easily, automatically and without the use of costly personnel. CUSTOMgo is equipped with two light barriers, capable of recognizing and registering when a customer enters or leaves the store.

How does CUSTOMgo work?

Watch our informational video on how CUSTOMgo works.

Benefits of CUSTOMgo

The passage width of the CUSTOMgo entrance is variable from 0.50 to 2 meters. Optional accessories include additional brackets, shut-off chains, and information signs. The maximum number of customers calculated for the respective store is entered once in the access management system and can be changed at any time.


CUSTOMgo is available as a stand-alone system with both indoor and outdoor configurations available. An individual multi-system indoor and/or outdoor for management of multiple entrances can be set up.


The one-off investment cost in the low four-digit range is rapidly recovered simply due to the sheer amount of time saved by employees- by not having to hire additional workers or redirect staff time. Your employees can continue to focus their efforts on revenue-generating activities.

  • Museums

    For museums, CUSTOMgo is an ideal solution for controlling visitor flows within the building or on the premises. Since the access management system can monitor several inputs or outputs simultaneously, it is also possible to monitor individual rooms or sections.

    Benefits of CUSTOMgo for Museums

    • Easily adapt to the location of your exhibits
    • Permissible visitor numbers can be adjusted with just a few clicks
    • Individual designs available on request
    • Large and highly visible display
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  • Culture + Leisure

    CUSTOMgo offers a flexible and universal solution for all cultural and leisure events to ensure there are never too many visitors on the premises or in the building. Areas of application include historical sights such as Gothic churches, magnificent baroque buildings or medieval castles. But also art exhibitions in galleries, dance theatres in cultural or theatre centres and entertainment events of all kinds are use cases.

    CUSTOMgo offers the following advantages

    • Quick and easy setup thanks to Plug & Play
    • Monitoring of multiple entrances via the internet
    • Individually adjustable visitor numbers
    • Design of CUSTOMgo is customisable on request
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  • Trade fairs

    The year 2020 has left a lasting impression on trade fair organisers, exhibitors and visitors. Almost all trade fairs were cancelled by the Corona pandemic and so the question arises in the future: What happens next? This is where the CUSTOMgo access management system comes into play and brings a solution.

    Benefits of CUSTOMgo for trade fairs

    • Monitoring multiple entrances at once
    • Separate monitoring of different halls and rooms
    • Screens can be displayed in other languages
    • Individual display options on the screen
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  • Restaurants

    Using CUSTOMgo frees your employees so they can help serve guests faster. If your employees are currently busy managing the admission of guests, then their time isn't spent on activites that can increase revenues. To ensure that your employees can entirely focus their effort on the hungry and thirsty guests, consider CUSTOMgo as an automation tool to take the heavy work out of managing admissions.

    The advantages for restaurants

    • Highly visible display supported by a signal lamp
    • Easy-to-understand traffic light system
    • Multiple entrances can be monitored at the same time
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  • Supermarkets

    Corona creates new challenges for supermarkets. One of the main problems is crowded stores, where customers struggle to keep their distance. To prevent this, CUSTOMgo offers the optimal solution and regulates the number of customers in the store – fully automatically.

    Benefits of CUSTOMgo at a Glance

    • System can be placed quickly and easily in front of the entrance
    • Design customisable on the store's corporate identity
    • Multiple inputs can be monitord simultaneously
    • The system detects the passage with a shopping cart
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  • Shops

    You own a shop, and in the age of coronavirus pandemic, you ask yourself -how can get increase sales while giving customers a peace of mind? With CUSTOMgo, you get the perfect solution to control the number of customers in the store. The system is known as a 'Plug & Play' system and therefore, you don't have to worry about any complicated installation. CUSTOMgo can be placed at the entrance for opening and easily dismantled at the end of the day- or simply left permanently. inside the entrance. 

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  • Hotels

    CUSTOMgo offers an optimal solution for hotels to control guest access to the building or within the facility. Possible areas of application are, for example, the entrances to the wellness area, to the pool, restaurant, or to other areas of the hotel, which are subject to a maximum number of visitors.

    Benefits of CUSTOMgo for hotel operators

    • Custom designs in the hotel's colours
    • Hotel logo displayable on the screen
    • Quickly set up CUSTOMgo thanks to its Plug & Play design
    • Flexible and easy adjustment of the permitted number of visitors

Safety during the Corona crisis with the DHB formula

The Covid-19 pandemic has dominated the world's private and professional life since the end of the first quarter of 2020. Medical experts, including virologists and politicians, agree that everyday life, which was initially perceived as an exceptional situation, will be the future normality.


After weeks of lockdown with closures and restrictions for the countries' retail trade, it is now a matter of finding suitable solutions as well as possibilities for the most risk-free coexistence in daily shopping in the supermarket, in the discount store, in the local specialist trade as well as in the large-scale DIY store.


The Federal Ministry of Health, headed by its minister Jens Spahn, is promoting greater consideration among the citizens of Germany with the AHA formula.


In doing so, it is

  • D for distance
  • H for hygiene
  • B for wearing a breathing mask

As a result, every citizen should keep at least 1.5 meters away from his nearest fellow human being. This rule also applies to employees working on business premises and is often easier said than done.

Distance in your own store -
now with CUSTOMgo

You or are looking for a solution for the access control of your local store? Inform yourself now about our new product CUSTOMgo.The access management system works and controls for you absolutely seamlessly and error-free.

Traffic light system

The traffic light system from CUSTOMgo is easy to understand and is visible. With its prominent, large display, the system won't be overlooked.

Plug & Play

Thanks to its easy to use plug & play technology, CUSTOMgo offers a high degree of flexibility and can be used without any complicated installation required. 
Need to move it? The location can be changed in just a few minutes.

Uniquely yours

The paintwork of the frame and the display in the display can be adapted on request. As such, CUSTOMgo offers you the possibility of maintaining your corporate identity.