Access control for outdoor events

The Corona pandemic poses new challenges for individuals and businesses. Everyone shares consensus: health must be protected. Despite the restrictions imposed by a changing world, humans are still social creatures. Culture, events and community are the bedrock of society. Creative and innovative ideas are needed to reawaken cultural and social life.

A social distancing concept is required for outdoor events. With CUSTOMgo you can limit the number of visitors in your venue with ease.

A hygiene concept is necessary for open-air events. With CUSTOMgo you limit the number of visitors.

A hygiene concept is now crucial

Outdoor events are permitted where hygiene measures are implemented, if the required number of persons is not exceeded. With CUSTOMgo, we'll make controlling the number of people in your events an automated, effortless task. For outdoor events, it is not easy to keep track of the number of participants in the venue at any moment. Additional employees are often employed to count and keep track of the number of guests; it's a monotonous and meaningless task.

With CUSTOMgo from tecXellent you'll receive practical support when managing your events. Our access management system offers an innovative 'plug & play' traffic light system. In this way, you'll always know exactly how many guests are on the premises. The system reliably detects when visitors leave the event. Once visitor count is below a set threshold, new guests can then be admitted without hesitation.

Innovative technology

CUSTOMgo is equipped with light barriers. The innovative technology of the product allows a continuous measurement of the number of visitors. The width between the light barriers can be customised, between 0.5 and 2.0m. The system requires a 230 volt connection and is suitable for monitoring multiple entrances. 

The assembly is uncomplicated. Thanks to self-explanatory instructions, you do not need a fitter to install the system. CUSTOMgo is designed to reduce the effort required from employees, from day 1. Employees can then concentrate on their core business and their actual job so that additional staff do not need to be hired. By reducing employment costs or increasing employee productivity, the system pays for itself quickly. 

 The implementation of hygiene measures becomes effort-free with a modern access management system.

Traffic light system

The traffic light system from CUSTOMgo is easy to understand and is visible. With its prominent, large display, the system won't be overlooked.

Plug & Play

Thanks to its easy to use plug & play technology, CUSTOMgo offers a high degree of flexibility and can be used without any complicated installation required. 
Need to move it? The location can be changed in just a few minutes.

Uniquely yours

The paintwork of the frame and the display in the display can be adapted on request. As such, CUSTOMgo offers you the possibility of maintaining your corporate identity.

Additional value added offers

We round off our service with additional features to extend or configure your system to the unique needs of your business. We are happy to provide additional screens, information signs and additional brackets to increase the visibility of important information about the event. Brand marking is possible for a coherent and professional design concept. No power supply available for the event? No problem! CUSTOMgo can be equipped for battery operation. 

We also supplment our product portfolio with shut-off chains and alarm lights. Despite the Corona pandemic, the next outdoor event can be held with maximum security for all participants.

Designed to be tecXellent

For more than 25 years, customer satisfaction has been our top priority. During this time, we have continuously expanded our product portfolio and our knowledge. Our access terminals meet the highest quality standards. Since 2001, tecXellent has been certified according to DIN ISO EN 9001.

How much does CUSTOMgo cost?

Depending on the system, different costs apply. The outdoor system is weatherproof and therefore a little more expensive than the indoor system.


Our competent team will advise you on product selection. We'll work with you to implement tailored solutions. Please contact us with your request. If you need a larger quantity, simply get in touch to receive a custom quote.