CUSTOMgo - innovative access management for automated access control

A heavily visited shop, a beer garden that bursts at the seams in fine weather, trade fair visitors who crowd close to the exhibits: What was a reason for joy for the operators not so long ago has now become somewhat problematic due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The positive thing is that businesses have now been allowed to reopen after the temporary lockdown. What remains, however, is the challenge of recording and controlling the number of customers and guests who are allowed to stay in a venue simultaneously.


CUSTOMgo supports you at leisure events such as festivals by controlling the flow of visitors.

CUSTOMgo supports you elevate crowds and heighten senses in awesome events safely with the control of visitor flows.

One option is to use personnel to control the number of visitors at the entrances. However, this comes with a substantial cost factor and is not feasible in the long term. As a result, employees are missing out on revenue-generating areas of responsibility and cannot concentrate on customer support and sales.

Automatic measurement of visitor numbers

Our solution offers a fully automated system that continuously monitors the number of persons allowed and provides a corresponding signal when exceeded.

We at tecXellent GmbH have developed such a system with CUSTOMgo: Thanks to a simple plug & play set up, the access management system can be used in any environment that requires monitoring of the entrance areas. These can be small to medium-sized retail stores, but also cultural institutions such as museums, exhibitions or churches.

Traffic light system

The traffic light system from CUSTOMgo is easy to understand and is visible. With its prominent, large display, the system won't be overlooked.

Plug & Play

Thanks to its easy to use plug & play technology, CUSTOMgo offers a high degree of flexibility and can be used without any complicated installation required. 
Need to move it? The location can be changed in just a few minutes.

Uniquely yours

The paintwork of the frame and the display in the display can be adapted on request. As such, CUSTOMgo offers you the possibility of maintaining your corporate identity.

A light barrier counts the visitors

Using a light barrier, CUSTOMgo continuously measures how many people enter and leave a building or space. A scoreboard is also installed at the entrance, which shows in the traffic light system how many people are still allowed to enter. This allows you full control at all times. An intuitive, green display also makes immediately apparent to the visitor whether access to a business or venue is possible without worries about social distancing. 

A red display will display whether the visitor will have to wait in front of the entrance until a few visitors have left the building again. As soon as the maximum number of persons is reached, a red indicator indicates this. All you need to do in advance is to determine the number of customers allowed according to your store space and record it in the system.

Easy installation

The installation of CUSTOMgo is as simple as it is practical... all you'll need is a classic 230 volt socket. It's remarkably easy to set up and deploy yourself without any hassle. Depending on whether CUSTOMgo is to be installed in an interior or used outside the building, we offer you two suitable variants based on the environmental conditions: A stand-alone indoor solution, for example, if you run a store in a shopping centre or similar, or a stand-alone outdoor system, on the other hand, which can be set up anywhere outdoors.

Request a quote

CUSTOMgo can be customized to your individual requirements. Ask for a non-binding offer today - we will be happy to advise you.


CUSTOMgo is variable and can be optimally delivered to the corresponding entrance width of your store. This can be flexibly adjusted between 0.5 and 2 metres. You'll also decide how extensive the monitoring system should be: we are happy to produce unique solutions for more comprehensive monitoring measures, for example, to keep track and account for several entrances. However, this requires Wi-Fi or Internet access available for each unit. A combination of indoor and outdoor facilities, a so-called multi-system, is also possible. 

Expansion options for CUSTOMgo

For optional accessories to your individual CUSTOMgo system, we also offer you:

  • Additional brackets+
  • Information signs and additional screens
  • Brand identification on request
  • Shut-off chains
  • Battery operation

With CUSTOMgo, you can efficiently and effectively control the flow of visitors and customers in your premises and thus guarantee maximum safety and peace-of-mind for your guests. Request a tailored offer at tecXellent today. We will be happy to find the right solution for you!