CUSTOMgo as an automatic access control system for restaurants

Due to the special demands imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, many small and medium-sized restaurants face the challenge of limiting the number of guests in pubs and beer gardens. If you as a restaurateur are looking for an easy way to manage the number of guests efficiently, our advanced CUSTOMgo system is the ideal solution.

Especially in faced-paced environments, CUSTOMgo can help to keep track of the site, so your employees can keep doing what they do best.

CUSTOMgo can help you maintain an overview, especially during peak periods.

Access management system with plug & play traffic light system

At tecXellent, we have designed this access management system specifically for the corona-related visitor restrictions in retail stores and catering establishments. With CUSTOMgo, you can capture and monitor the influx of guests in your restaurant via a plug & play traffic-light system. The light barriers installed for this purpose automatically keep track of the people who enter and leave your restaurant. Ideally, you control the number of guests when entering and leaving the restaurant via a single entrance to keep costs down.


Set it and forget it- no additional work required

If you use our newly developed access control system, you will save yourself additional personnel costs. You don't have to ask employees to control the number of guests. The CUSTOMgo system takes on this time-consuming task so that your staff can devote themselves to providing the best hospitality experience for your guests. By saving your worker's time, the initial acquisition cost of the fixed asset will quickly pay for itself.

Traffic light system

The traffic light system from CUSTOMgo is easy to understand and is visible. With its prominent, large display, the system won't be overlooked.

Plug & Play

Thanks to its easy to use plug & play technology, CUSTOMgo offers a high degree of flexibility and can be used without any complicated installation required. 
Need to move it? The location can be changed in just a few minutes.

Uniquely yours

The paintwork of the frame and the display in the display can be adapted on request. As such, CUSTOMgo offers you the possibility of maintaining your corporate identity.

How access control works with CUSTOMgo

Access is controlled by two light barriers, which you place at the entrance. These barriers keep track of when a guest enters or leaves your restaurant. CUSTOMgo measures the number of guests who are inside your restaurant or beer garden at any given time. A clearly visible display at the local entrance informs the arriving guests whether they are allowed to enter the restaurant or for how many people are currently allowed to enter.

The colour green indicates that one or more people are allowed to enter the catering area. There is a hint for the guests to enter individually. If the colour turns red, the maximum number of guests is reached, so that no additional customers are allowed to enter. Incoming guests are requested to wait until admission is allowed again.

Access control for indoor and outdoor use

With CUSTOMgo from tecXellent, you opt for automatic input control and access control that continuously records the number of guests without your intervention. This makes it clear at any time how many guests are currently in the restaurant without having to count yourself. The access management system can be used flexibly in a width of 0.5 meters to 2 meters. As a restaurateur, you can choose between a stand-alone indoor system for the interior of the restaurant and a stand-alone outdoor system for outdoor areas such as a beer garden. If you want to monitor the influx at several inputs, we offer you an individual multi-system with an indoor and outdoor system on request.

Request a quote

CUSTOMgo can be customized to your individual requirements. Ask for a non-binding offer today - we will be happy to advise you.

Equipment and assembly

Before using the access management system, enter the number of guests charged for your restaurant. To install CUSTOMgo, all you need is a 230 volt connector. You can set up this Plug & Play system using the user manual and put it into operation without a fitter. We deliver this system to you without charge. If necessary, you can order these additional components depending on the unique needs of your business:

  • Additional brackets
  • Additional screen
  • Brand marking
  • Shut-off chains
  • Battery operation

 After you've determined what you'll need, simply request an individual offer for CUSTOMgo!