Access control system for trade fairs and exhibitions

When the shutdown brought the trade show landscape to a complete standstill in the spring, many event dates had to be cancelled at short notice or postponed until autumn. Currently, the trade show organisers assume that planned events can take place in compliance with the hygiene and distance rules. The economy is dependent on product consumption and orders, the consequences of the restrictions related to the Corona pandemic are serious and still influence the current consumer behaviours. Restaurants, the hotel industry and many other sectors of the economy are affected despite being regular customers of trade fairs and exhibitions.

In every event, several thousand people can be expected to attend. CUSTOMgo can help keep track of the number.

Every day a fair is visited by several thousand people. CUSTOMgo keeps track of the number.

The current requirements for the protection of visitors and organisers include not only a detailed hygiene concept but also a restriction on the number of visitors: Here, the guidelines and guidelines of the individual federal states apply. Since no one can predict how the number of cases will develop and which decisions are deemed necessary to contain the pandemic, limiting visitor numbers is probably one of the longer-term measures.

During a day of trade fairs, numerous visitors enter and leave the premises, so the exact determination of the attendance rate is a significant challenge. While smaller retailers and similar companies handle the flow of visitors by hand with temporary measures, such as the number of shopping carts or similar counted utensils, this is not a sensible procedure for larger events such as trade fairs or exhibitions. Apart from the demanding hygienic implementation, it's difficult for these strategies to keep track of all the visitors reliably.

In particular, visitors who leave the premises several times and re-enter the premises can only be covered to a limited extent by similar measures. This task is often given to security teams – a far from a happy assignment. If additional staff are hired for this purpose, additional costs will be incurred. How much safer, more reliable and also more efficient would a professional solution be?

Traffic light system

The traffic light system from CUSTOMgo is easy to understand and is visible. With its prominent, large display, the system won't be overlooked.

Plug & Play

Thanks to its easy to use plug & play technology, CUSTOMgo offers a high degree of flexibility and can be used without any complicated installation required. 
Need to move it? The location can be changed in just a few minutes.

Uniquely yours

The paintwork of the frame and the display in the display can be adapted on request. As such, CUSTOMgo offers you the possibility of maintaining your corporate identity.

The newly developed access management system CUSTOMgo solves this task quickly and reliably with a Plug & Play traffic-light system. The automatic recording of all persons when entering and leaving the trade fair is guaranteed – without additional personnel costs or an extended transfer of tasks to the existing crew. This allows each employee to focus on their primary to-do's and focus on their field.

If the flow of visitors is controlled via an entrance, the costs pay off quickly. The traffic light system continuously registers the current number of guests and provides reliable and transparent information about how many people are still allowed to enter.

As is known from road traffic, green stands for "walking" and red for "waiting". The green signal also indicates how many people are still allowed to enter. Once the maximum number of people has been reached, the system does not allow further access until a visitor has left the premises.

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With CUSTOMgo, a Plug & Play system is available that only requires a 230-volt connection and can therefore be easily assembled without any technical work. Once connected and equipped with the maximum number of visitors, the system reliably counts every person, making use of advanced light barriers.

Advantages of the CUSTOMgo traffic light system

  • Real-time measurement
  • Can be used without technical knowledge
  • Available for indoor or outdoor use
  • optional additions for individual extensions

With CUSTOMgo, tecXellent offers a unique solution that you can count on! Ask us, and we will prepare an individual non-binding offer for your trade fair or exhibition.