About tecXellent

For more than 25 years, satisfaction has been our top priority!

Throughout a quarter of a century, we have continuously developed our range of services and have been able to build up our knowledge with demanding projects.

One of the production halls of tecXellent

The beginning of 1990

The foundation stone of today's TecXellent GmbH was founded in 1990. Lothar Schmahl started to offer mechanical production for components of all kinds with the idea of earning money on a part-time basis in Nieder-Olm.


CNC technology from 1992

Two years later, the company CNC-Technik was founded. With the foundation, additional space was needed, and so our humble business moved from Nieder-Olm to Stadecken-Elsheim. With plenty of space, it was we set up a 5-axis milling centre (Mahoo 600L) and begun working towards 3D prototyping and mould making. Our main customers at this time came from the automotive industry.


First own development

Thanks to the experience, the first system of its own was developed. The Hoffmann Group still distributes the tool measuring system, ADI Compact, from TecXellent. At the same time, our manufacturing system was expanded by a Mikron VCE 1600.


Another development in 1997

The experience of the next few years led to further in-house development in 1997: the Equip SK40/BT40, a tool assembly aid. Here, too, the sales partner Hoffmann Group, which still manages the Equipment in the shop, has been used to distribute our products.


1998 enlargement

To meet the ever-increasing demands of customers, the 3D CAD/CAM system Tebis was acquired in 1998. In addition to the new possibility to offer 2D and 3D construction, a CNC long lathe was also purchased. Since more space was needed for this, the CNC technology has moved back to Nieder-Olm. There, work was also carried out on the prototypes of toll bridges and, later on, all mechanical components of the toll bridge system were manufactured.


Moving in 2000

At the turn of the millennium, the new acquisition of a Mikron VCE 1600 necessitated the purchase of larger premises. The Nieder-Olm site has remained faithful this time.


Laser industry as a solid customer base

In 2005, the company CNC-Technik expanded through the machinery with machining centres of the company Haas. At the same time, our customer base grew in other industries, especially the laser industry.


Another move within Nieder-Olm

After a decade since the last move, our continuous growth compelled us into another move. The production building became too small, and so a further move within Nieder-Olm resulted. With the expansion, the acquisition of a new Haas 5-axis machining center was also planned, which could be put into operation in 2011.


Access terminals to European Championship 2012

At the beginning of 2012, a major contract was awarded for the development of access terminals for the football stadiums of the European Championship in Poland. Everything from design, prototype development to series production was realized by CNC technology in Nieder-Olm.


A further order for the 2014 World Cup

Due to the great success of the project, the successor contract for the World Cup in Brazil came in 2014.


CNC technology changed the name to tecXellent GmbH

In 2015, the name was changed: THE CNC technology became the now well-known tecXellent GmbH. In this process, Chinese participation was created, and so now also large products can be produced.


First new building

Four years later, a recent move was necessary. At the old location, we didn‘t have enough space to accommodate the machinery fleet and office. In the modern industrial area of Nieder-Olm, a new building has been set up to accommodate our future growth.


Services and products

In addition to CUSTOMgo, tecXellent offers you services from:

  • CNC Manufacturing & Production
  • Development & Construction 2D/3D
  • China Sourcing

Among others the following products have been developed by us:

  • Bikebox24
  • Picket
  • Tischarena

You can find further information our tecXellent-Website.